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Whether you are studying music, planning a concert performance , or playing for pleasure we are eager to assist you. You may contact AAA Music Service by telephone during normal business hours or by email at any time giving us as many details about your project as you can. The physical location of the instrument as well as the name and contact information of the responsible party are required. Also, details such as age, make, model, serial number, and how the instrument is being used are helpful (church, home, school, practice, etc). The more we know about your service needs, the better we can serve you.

Piano Moving – We recommend special moving teams. Call us for both local and long distance piano moving projects.

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 Services Include:

  • Piano Tuning

Includes standard equal temperament tuning at pitch, basic cleaning, as well as minor key and action adjustments in a 2.5 hour service visit.

  • Pitch Adjustment

Includes setting pitch to a standard frequency at A (note 37), usually concert pitch @ 440 c.p.s., or another pitch standard according to how the instrument is being used. This procedure requires a special price estimate.

  • RepairPiano-tuner

This service is done on a time and materials basis and may include moving the piano into a shop area for repair procedures if required.

  • New Yorking

Special “Concert Preparation” to pianos for advanced students and performers whose skill level requires individualized specifications.

  • Full Service Piano Maintenance

Regular tuning and routine instrument care on a scheduled “call back” basis. This usually includes 2 tuning service calls and 1 preventive maintenance visit per year depending on your instrument and its condition.

  • Concert Preparation

Key-bed and action adjustments to the special requirements of the performer within the limits of the instrument being prepared.